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Greetings from Dr. Stuart Roe

Welcome to the Department of Counselor Education at the College of New Jersey.  I am an Associate Professor at TCNJ and enjoy working with such wonderful colleagues and students.   It is an honor for me to work in a field that prepares individuals to work in diverse settings throughout New Jersey and beyond.  In my time at TCNJ, I have been impressed by the dedication of faculty and students to their chosen profession.

My scholarly interests include examining ways that educators can provide appropriate social and emotional support for students in the public school setting. Specifically, I am investigating ways to meet the needs of historically underserved populations such as English Language Learners and LGBT students. Students with similar interests are invited to be part of this research. My research is directly related to the courses I teach which include Counseling Children and Adolescents (EPSY 661), Organization, Administration & Supervision of School Counseling (COUN 660) and Multicultural Counseling (COUN 530).  In addition, I enjoy providing clinical supervision to students who are interning in K-12 schools as it gives me an opportunity to connect with schools in the area.  I believe that is important to make course assignments as relevant and experiential as possible, which may include advocating for the needs of others or providing guidance lessons to students at local schools.

Prior to working at TCNJ, I worked as a school counselor and I enjoy working with students who are passionate about transforming the role of school counselors and the work that they do.  From time to time, I miss my work as a school counselor, but have found that connecting with students here is just as rewarding.

I believe there is a strong sense of community among faculty and students at TCNJ.  If you are interested in becoming a part of our community or have specific questions about school counseling, please feel free to contact me via phone at 609-771-3033 or