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Practicum and Internship Processes

In the summer of 2021 The Department of Counselor Education adopted Supervision Assist. In lieu of a textbook for COUN 690 and COUN 693/694/695 (3 semesters) we will be using Supervision Assist, which will allow for all paperwork associated with clinical field experiences to be digitally maintained. You will be required to purchase your own lifetime account access for $197. This is particularly useful to you so that you can easily monitor your clinical logs as you accumulate hours and see your progress towards the required goals each semester. Your site supervisor will be able to sign-off on these forms digitally as well. All of the paperwork will be housed within your account, so you will never miss any requirements, never lose paperwork, and you and your supervisor can plan your time at the site accordingly. For those of you who plan to seek licensure post-graduation, you will be pleased to know that this one-time fee to Supervision Assist provides you with lifetime access, therefore you can continue to use this platform to accumulate your clinical hour logs required for licensure.

Details about enrolling in Supervision Assist will be provided at Clinical Orientation offered the first Wednesday of October and February each year.  The required “paperwork” for clinical site approvals, practicum and internship logs, and, programmatic evaluations are all now in one place.  Required site approvals must still be completed via Supervision Assist by an April 1 deadline for starting Practicum in the Fall semester and a December 1 deadline for starting Practicum in Spring semester.  

Below are links to tutorials about how use Supervision Assist for students, On Campus Supervisors, and Site Supervisors. 

Students – (Note, the top right right corner of each video has a drop down menu and links to a series of videos)

On Campus Supervisors – – (Note, the top right right corner of each video has a drop down menu and links to a series of videos)

Site Supervisors – – (Note, the top right right corner of each video has a drop down menu and links to a series of videos)

The only paper forms still used are the consent for recording forms below. 

Consent for Digital Video- / Audio-recording 

Consent Form for Individual Supervision

Consent Form for Individual and Group Supervision

Requirement of Professional Liability Insurance

Students who plan on starting Practicum  are required to obtain their own professional liability insurance in addition to the coverage provided through the College and/or his/her placement.  A copy of the student’s certificate of insurance needs to be submitted via Supervision Assist at the time of your application to start practicum. 

The Department suggests membership in American Counseling Association (ACA) and enrollment in the professional liability insurance plan that is available for Clinical Mental Health graduate students.  For students in the School Counseling Program, we suggest the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) professional liability insurance plan.  Student membership benefits for ACA, ASCA, can be found in its respective website, or