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Creating Agents of Change


Creating Agents of Change

  • Demonstrating Subject Matter Expertise
  • Demonstrating Excellence in Planning and Practice
  • Demonstrating a Commitment to All Learners
  • Demonstrating a Strong, Positive Effect on Student Growth
  • Demonstrating Professionalism, Advocacy, and Leadership

Consistent with The College of New Jersey’s clear public service mandate, The School of Education is committed to preparing exceptional teachers and clinicians.  The basic tenet underlying our practice is our accepted truth that all individuals can learn and grow, and deserve schools/clinics and teachers/clinicians that respect their individual needs and circumstances while striving to give them the knowledge and skills to be successful in the larger society.  Furthermore, we accept as truth the ideal that education is key to addressing the inequalities that exist in society, and that teachers, clinicians and other school professionals can and should be agents for positive social change.

Therefore, through on-going partnerships with our colleagues in K-12 education and state government, faculty of The School of Education remain dedicated to the core mission of producing high-quality professionals who possess solid content knowledge, demonstrated clinical competence, and a clearly articulated belief that all individuals deserve the highest quality practices in their schools and clinics.