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Coronavirus Statement

The response to the coronavirus is being led by the administration at TCNJ.  School and Departments are working to adapt to the overall guidelines as best we can.

As indicated on President Foster’s correspondence on the main TCNJ website, all of TCNJ’s courses will go online starting after Spring Break.
All faculty are adapting as quickly as possible to online instruction with the support of the instructional technology at TCNJ. Each individual faculty member will communicate through CANVAS about the ways that the curriculum will be delivered for the foreseeable future.

Related to school/agency clinical placements:

1) Practicum/Internships: If you are in Practicum and Internship, you may continue to go to the placement provided that the placement school or agency is still open. If you are sick, too far away to commute, or cannot attend for another reason, please let your supervisor and course instructors know as soon as possible. You will not be penalized for attendance. Dr. Sandy Gibson, our Clinical Coordinator, will be working with individual supervisors and supervisees to continue supervision online.

2) Prevention: If you are going into schools and agencies, please follow all recommended precautionary actions as you work. Wash your hands, avoid touching your face, and sanitize common surfaces. These practices are important at all times in P-12 schools and agencies, but particularly now.

3) Spring Travel: Given the concerns expressed by school districts and other community partners, it’s important to think about your plans to travel over Spring Break. If you do plan to travel and then resume a site placement, please know that we must comply with any rules that our site partners give us about going into placement classrooms and counseling areas. You may be asked where you have traveled and, if it was to a place that is deemed risky, you may be required to stay out of field placements for a period of time as required by the school districts or agencies. If you have international travel planned, please keep the recommendations of the Department of State in mind and remember that this guidance may change rapidly. Remember that TCNJ also is requiring all students who travel internationally to fill out this form upon return. The bottom line is that (for a variety of reasons, including your own health) you should carefully consider your options if you plan to travel to a region with an outbreak of COVID-19.

4) Stay Home if You’re Sick: If you have cold symptoms, please do not go into placement schools or agencies. Fear about viruses is just as contagious as actual illness, so please do not go into placement sites if you’re not feeling well. Your faculty will make accommodations for absences due to illness. Seek medical attention from your own doctor or from Student Health Services if you are concerned about your symptoms.

5) Online Instruction: If your school or district or agency has to close for any reason, please work with your supervisor or instructor about how to best meet your course requirements. Keep in mind that this is likely a brand-new situation for them and they may need to put mentoring you on the back burner while they focus on the needs of their constituents; make every effort to be an extra pair of hands rather than another responsibility.

6) Advising:  If you have questions, please contact your adviser or program coordinator. If you are unsure who your adviser is, please see your PAWS student account.

We can be flexible, adaptable, and positive. Treat the next few months as your best chance to prove that you are all three. Faculty, your department chair/coordinators/advisers, and the Dean’s Office are all available for additional guidance if you need it.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): COVID-19 Response from Counselor Education