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Department of Counselor Education Mission Statement

The distinguished faculty of the Department of Counselor Education of The College of New Jersey takes pride in offering rigorous, high quality graduate degree programs in clinical mental health counseling, community counseling, school counseling, and marriage, couple, and family counseling and therapy, as well as a certificate program in substance awareness coordination in the schools.  The mission of every program in the department is to create exemplary counseling professionals prepared to enrich the lives of the people of New Jersey and the nation through counseling and service and to provide a national model of the preparation of counselors.  The department is committed to creating and supporting an inclusive learning community and to serving students from diverse backgrounds who seek initial and advanced degrees in counseling.

Guided by The Mission of the School of Education, which emphasizes the themes of demonstrating: subject matter expertise; excellence in planning and practice; a commitment to all learners; a strong, positive effect on student growth; and professionalism, advocacy, and leadership, and the Standards of the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs, which emphasize the traditions, values and objectives of professional counseling programs, the faculty of the Department of Counselor Education engage students from the greater New Jersey area in the developmental process of becoming professional counselors who will address the needs of the people they serve in an ethical and competent manner.

[1] The reader is referred to The Mission of the School of Education found at: